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Based in Montréal, Quebec, PlanHub is a revolutionary and effective search engine offering a fast and easy way to compare cellular and internet plans in Canada. In only 5 seconds, we offer you a selection of the best plans for your actual needs. Constantly updated, we guarantee the most current prices and deals in the market. Going further, if you sign up for our alerts, we will use our extensive knowledge of past and current trends in plan rates to also indicate to you the best time to buy a plan so that you get the best deal possible and save even more time and money.

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Life is stressful enough. Choosing a cell phone plan shouldn’t be.

Canada has amongst the highest cellphone and internet rates in the developed world and a bewildering number of providers and plans that varies by region and season. As a result, thousands of us spend too much time out of our busy lives looking for the best cellphone and internet plans for our needs and still are never sure if we found our best deal possible.

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Prices change all the time !
Prices change all the time ! Stay informed about the best prices by email